Our Process

The successful completion of every plan begins with an accurate blueprint. Furthermore, the proper implementation of the steps outlined in the blueprint is of equal importance—quite possibly, it's more important. Once constructed, the plan needs to be monitored and tested on a periodic basis. Our planning process revolves around the successful implementation of these important steps.

Sound planning includes:

» Strong, well-defined goals
» A well-designed strategy to achieve the desired result
» A commitment to execute the planning steps
» The perseverance to monitor progress

That's a winning formula!

At our first meeting, we will collect information regarding our clients' personal and financial situations. Accurate planning depends heavily on the collection of accurate and current data. Next, and most important, we will help our clients to define and prioritize their personal and financial goals.

After assessing our clients' current resources, we will design appropriate planning alternatives to help them to attain their stated goals. We will present these recommendations to our clients, and we will work with them and help them to decide on the most suitable course of action. The second most important step in the planning process is the successful implementation of the planning recommendations.

Finally, once the chosen course of action is implemented, we report on and monitor the plan's progress on a periodic basis. Changes are initiated, whenever necessary, in order to keep our clients on the right track toward attaining their goals.