Office Staff

Office Staff

Gloria Drofitz

Office Manager

Gloria has been with the firm since 1995. She is a key component to the success of the business. Her daily duties include maintaining client files, answering phones, dealing with client inquiries, processing business, and keeping Bill as organized as possible. She is also a notary public.

Gloria originally hails from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She attended high school and business school in Northampton, Pennsylvania. She now resides in Wappingers Falls, New York, and is married with two daughters.

In her spare time, Gloria enjoys painting and playing volleyball.

Juliette & Xena


It's not uncommon to find Bill's dogs patrolling the office. While neither one of the dogs plays a critical role in our planning process, they do tend to contribute to the overall mental well-being of the office environment. However, to accommodate allergies and the canine-challenged, the dogs can be left at home upon request.

On left in picture: Juliette (Jules) is some sort of lab mix. She is a native of West Virginia who was rescued through "PawSafe" in the summer of 2013. She was "1-ish" at the time, and she had just given birth to five adorable puppies (who were quickly adopted). 

On the right is our recent acquisition: Xena is a shepherd mix. She is a native of Texas who we recently rescued through "Big Fluffy Dog Rescue" in 2017. She was "3-ish" when we rescued her (but we suspect older). She is a tripod with a huge heart.

Both dogs possess exceptionally sweet personalities. Bill's love of dogs is reflected in the firm's practice of donating a percentage of its gross earnings to animal rescue organizations.